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    they sell aria and washburn cheap coz they have dealership for both of them...thats why whenever u walk in that shop they try to thrust u an aria or a washburn even if they have have a better axe in someother brand(no offence on aria and washburn though, they too make beautiful guitar,i've got all my delhi gear from bharat...).............congrats for the guitar, use it well,i think u can even go for a pikup change sometime later to really crank up that axe...
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    Quote Originally Posted by radicalz_adi
    hey man thats cool
    even im planin to buy it a week from now on saturday(29) or sunday(30)
    will it be open
    and please temme howz the guitar specially for distortion purposes
    and congrats once again for buying a new axe
    thanx man.ya, they are open on sundays. mondays they remain closed.

    i dont have any processor with me now...but i tried it at the shop itself.....the distortion is good...had plugged it into a high-end marshall can try it over there itself...
    there's also a neat flying guitar.....


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