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    Torvoraptor is offline Beginner
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    Dec 2010
    I'm playing guitardoctor's old GBennett AV1 and comparing it as such to low end corts/squiers/pacificas/GIOs/(or in 1 friend's case)HMIs.

    It may not be great for a pro, but for a beginner it's excellent, and I got lucky to get it secondhand, and it was awesomely set up already with the pick-ups adjusted etc.

    @Abhinav, dude I'm just a newb, I've been playing less than 6 months. I don't know much beyond what info I picked up while I was researching my own purchases, which had a much more restricted budget. But if you give some more details about your preferences, what styles you play, what kind of guitarists you want to emulate, how long you've been playing etc, I could probably point you in the right direction.

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    SoulAsylum is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2011
    Hi Abhinav,

    I specially registered to this Forum, just to reply you.

    I recommend you to go for Ibanez series of Guitar. You can go for RG prestige, like 1550, or RG 1570. But I do not know the price over there in india.

    The very reason is, Ibanez is very versatile guitar and its stock pickups are also good enough.

    Now regarding Multi Processor, DO NOT BUY BOSS GT 10.

    I highly suggest you getting Digitech RP500. Its a kick ass effect with awesome built quality, oh yeah CHEAPER, and much much better than BOSS or Line 6.

    The best part of RP500 is awesome ablity for amp modelling which is near to exact, and which BOSS COSM cant make.

    If you get RP500, you can plug it into STRANGER and get everysound all the famous AMPS and CABS.

    You can go blindly for RP500 and you wont regret. for more you can compare it with POD Line 6 or BOSS GT 10 over different sites and user review. Digitech RP500 is a STEAL. Its the best processor for its price with awesome sound and tone.

    But the only thing RP500 lacks is Looper. For that you can take rp1000 which is bit expensive but still cheaper than GT 10.

    NOw regarding Guitar, I suggest you to get Ibanez RG tremelo series or RG Prestige series. Tremolo series are cheaper and are korean made, but they are good enough as well. What you can do later is get a Tremolo series like RG 370 DX and later change its pickups.

    Now pickups are very important factor for every guitars sound. For that I suggest you to get the combination of Air NOrton, Tone Zone and True Velvet. If you put these combo in ur guitar, you'll get the most versatile piece, and you can cover almost everything and every gerne, oh yeah along with RP500.

    As about AMP, do not buy amps, coz with ur budget you cant buy good amp i guess. Better buy cheap one which is MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH for you, and later you can save some money and get ROLAND CUBE 80. do not go for Marshall. Coz asian marshall quality has degraded since then. Roland RUBE 40 or 80 is good enough. if you are just a room player, Roland Cube 40 is again more than you need. I am sure you wont be alble to play with full volume.

    thats all.

    ps: sorry for erros.


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