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    Question need total guitar gear for 16k (elec guitar, processor n amp, all)

    Hey guys,

    A friend of mine wants to buy the complete set which includes an Electric guitar, a processor and an amp. he has a budget of around 16k, give n take a 1000 bucks.

    He is intending to buy it from briganza in kolkata so he cannot have a washburn...

    He has made these choices. An Ibanez GRG170DX Electric and an Digitech RP80 or RP90.

    Tell me what u guys say n any other opinions are totally welcome..

    and one more thing.... he NEEDS a TREMOLO....

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    the ibanez rocks.........i bought it last probs........

    processor not so sure........i have a cheap zoom 505 II.........but after tweakin it sound decent..........

    im not a digitech no opinions.......

    but guitar........i say buy it.........

    all the best!!!

    Nobody dies a virgin; because in the end, life f u c k s us all!

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    Digitech rp80 and Zoom G2 are of same price(at but still Zoom G2 is better than digitech consider buying a zoom g2 rather than a digitech rp80

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    ibanez+zoom+stranger 20
    "A signal chain is only as good as the weakest link."



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