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    islamabad, pakistan
    my aunt will become mad wen i say
    " ive changed my mind again"

    so the boss DS-1 is fine for now yaar
    Q-Whats the word that iz alwayz spelt wrong
    A-Wrong :p:

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    Jun 2005
    Well, look behind U !!!
    @ronnie havent played 'em but heard da sound demos
    the difference id NOTICEALBE!

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    Aug 2004
    Actually they dont sound like they are in Demos. Infact that's the case for every pedal. The recordings you heard were Dimitar's who is an AMT employee. There are so many other EQuing in pedals + software EQuing has gone through. So the demo is only indicative to a slight extent. So dont believe any of the demo soundclips totally,

    Play through a Tube Amp and AMT is not very impressive. Actually my Keeley Mod Boss BD2 really shined through. With a real nice crunch, gain and super sustain. BD2 is one of the best pedals I have come across. If you mod it, then it becomes a real pro pedal.

    For higher gain sounds AMT is anyway pretty decent. Checkout the Rocktron Silver Dragon. It's a semi tube pedal with a single 12AX7 tube. A real nice one. Checkout Death Rattle II by Toadworks or Mr.Ed by Toadworks. Damage Control Womanizer is a damn agressive pedal. Actually there are tons of great distortion / overdrive pedals.
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    A modded BD2 is gonna be very costly..I'm trying desperately to get my hands on that silver dragon!!!


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