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    varunthakur99 is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2015

    Question Need help to buy a guitar amp with double inputs.

    I need a bit of a help in selecting an amplifier for my guitar. I need an amplifier to which I can connect my guitar as well as the Mic. I have selected peavey kb3 as of now but some people said that it's a keyboard amplifier so not to buy this for guitar and Mic. Kindly recommend an amplifier with following specifications :

    1. Double input : One for guitar and other one for Mic.

    2. Output : 40 watts or above

    3. It would be better if it has effects.

    Even if there is some other way to connect my guitar and Mic to a single input amplifier, do let me know about that also. Also let me know the consequences of that.

    Your help is really appreciated.

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    fena is offline Guitarist
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    Jan 2011
    you probably wouldn't find that in dedicated guitar amps.. they would require different speaker frequencies, and also there's a difference in output levels for mics and guitar pickups.. In my opinion, best to go with a multi-purpose amp like the peavey or stranger and use your guitar processors, eq pedals etc for tone shaping.



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