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    Lightbulb Need Cheap Condenser Microphone in Mumbai?

    hey guys............m in a kinda of a shitty situation.....
    well i am a budding acoustic guitar player and a singer.....(wen i say budding i mean self acclaimed) so i have come to a point where i need to record whatever crap i put out#@@@@

    now wat i have gathered from past few months of research is .....

    i need a CONDENSER MIC.....which iss best suited for acoustic recording as well as vocals......well but these suckers need something called phantom power!!!!!!(+48V) so now i believe i need to get a preamp which SUPPORTS phantom power....!!!!
    (by the way....all i have is a lame acoustic guitar and a throat which resonates neighbors fury, and around 3ooo indian rupees...and i stay in mumbai.......well i do have a neat PC on which i play around with fruity loops and also it has a neat set of creative 2.1 speaker set)

    now......please suggest me how on earth can i set up my SO CALLED home studio to record my guitar and vocals!!!!!!!!

    also please advise on the particular mic model.......because i read loads LOADS of articles on the net........but the BEST of mics that they suggest are not available here in mumbai!!!!!! so please suggest a good mic available in mumbai, which is close to 3000rs and hopefully which dosent reqiuire a preamp (as i just dont have cash for that)

    {also please advise if it is worth to buy a mic here in mumbai or should i beg someone to bring one while they are returing from US or somethin like that}

    thanks a truck load in advance!!!!!!
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    my friend got this chinese made 800 bucks costing mic with a muffler on it works real swell. dont remember the you i would like to suggest sennheiser mics but i dont think they will fit ur budget.

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    Talking Try This One

    You Might Want to try out Ahuja CUM-450

    i don't think phantom power will be a issue with this one .. and even if it will .. it won't be a big issue as u're in mumbai

    Oh and by the way .. this mic is around 1500Rs. i didn't read ur complete post but what i cud make out from the starting 2-3 Lines .. this shud be adequate

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    khaleelda1 is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2006
    Hey buddy ........

    i think u shud have read my entire post ......cause u suggested me a CUM-450 !!!! WHICH IS A DYNAMIC MIC !!!!!


    Guys PLEASE help!!!!! i m really getting desperate here.....
    Now U'll see wat will be blinded eyes to see.

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    Feb 2009

    Hi Everyone!

    Hello Everyone!
    I am a vocalist cum guitar player based in Mumbai. I generally like playing soulful Hindi movie songs. I hope to have a good association with indianguitartabs and make many new friends here.
    And dear friends! I am also planning to buy a condenser mic. This post is now almost a year old. If the initiator of this post(with the name khaleelda1)has already bought his mic, can you please tell me whr u bought it from? If I get to buy one, i will definitely update this post!


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    sanket26lee is offline Newbie
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    Check this $h#t, if it helps
    Hey , I too stay in Mumbai (Santacruz to be precise) and just to give you a sugession, try going to lamington road and find a local made microphone under 1500.
    Orrrr raise the budget and take the awesome "behringer c-1u". Its a usb mic and does not require phantom power.Around 5585/- in the andheri showroom.You can get it for around 45$~~2200/- online in USA, so if u have someone in Usa, it'll make ur purshace quite cheap. I'm planning to buy this one if my parents do pay me dat much money..:P
    Using dynamic mics isn't a bad option too. I use shure beta 58 with fruity loops. And with condensor mics, it gets too messy if u dont have a proper environment for it.



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