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    xan is offline Beginner
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    May 2007

    Question Need to buy guitar-computer interface!please help!!

    i just need to connect my guitar to pc usb.can anyone tell me what interface should i buy for the same?i searched on net about
    -yamaha audiogram3,
    -behringer guitarlink ucg102,
    -tascam us-100 usb 2.0,
    -line6 pod studio gx with with pod farm,
    -alesis guitarlink 1/4"to usb guitar cable.
    but i dont know the best of them. can somebody plz suggest me frm above?or is there any better option than above list. my price range is about 50-90$

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    xan is offline Beginner
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    May 2007
    no one knows abt guitar-pc interface????

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    Oct 2006
    move ur budget up a few notches brother. I just happened to recommend this:

    Its for around 150$ i think. Will record ur guitars & vocals too (hope u have a mic).

    I prefer connecting the line out directly to mic / line in in my comp - therez some buzz but then its fine for me.
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    Jul 2004
    If you dont need the extra inputs. I would suggest the line 6.
    "A signal chain is only as good as the weakest link."



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