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    twice my gigs have been ruined because the sound guy decided to channel the vocalist through the PA and instrumentalists through the amplifiers...........the people at the back could only hear the vocalist and people in the front could only hear the instrumentalists..........

    .........i guess for such gigs middle seats are the


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    Whoa, I've had similiar problems. And we finally have answers ^^

    Great thread, I've learnt loads from this, looking forward to more here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by slayersid18 View Post
    ummm....i might sound like a complete noob out here as i havent even gigged properly, done mostly acoustic sets with no mics on got chance to show off my line6 and an electric at our college fest....i'm talking pretty simple things here dont flame me for this but tell me can I take the amp output, mics output and get it mixed and EQd on a PC that runs into the PA??? If yes, how? (all we ppl know is the chords and stuff. we score zero at technical details.)
    That's a nice idea but the problem is latency. Latency is the delay that happens between the time you play a note and when it plays back through the PA.
    Fortunately electric signals travel fast enough for you to not notice much latency when you play through analog systems. But when you hook up a PC, a regular sound card is bound to have significant latency when converting signals from analog to digital for processing and back to analog. (I don't know much about high end sound cards n devices but latency is a big issue with the inbuilt ones you get on most comps).


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