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    Question Need advice to buy an Acoutic guitar

    Hi all, i have been playing an acoustic guitar for a year and half , its a hobmer guitar which cost me like 2.5K which was sufficient for me to begin with. i want to now buy a high end acoustic guitar...

    now i am confused whether i should buy a electroacoustic guitar? or just an acoustic ? whether it should be fender or ibanez or then something else...

    where should i buy it from Bhargavas? or then furtados?

    too many questions ... would be grateful if someone would reply to these...


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    depends on how much you wanna spend...

    my suggestion is "GB&A Jumbo"...don't know exact model name, have it for last 2 years...
    its got perfectly good balance of bass and treble, finishing is as good as any higher range.
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    i don't think we get original fender and ibanez acoustic guitars in india (i might be wrong).
    although there are quite a few decent models by hofner, takamine, granada, yamaha, walden etc. available in the market today.

    electroacoustic or acoustic - if you are asking me, go for an acoustic ... better if it's a classical.

    bhargavas or furtados - whichever is readily accessable from your home. although i've never visited bhargavas i've heard it's good. and it's always a double thumbs up to furtados from my side...

    and btw i've got furtados' pricelist for acoustic guitars ... letting you know just in case you need further help ...

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    Is this fun? Replying to same posts over and over again? I mean, we saw a similar thread last week. There is a search button right?
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