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    swaraj_kanwar is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2006

    my guitar's II string kkrrrrs

    I have an givson's acoustic guitar it has been six months i have bought it.

    The second string of the guitar sounds bad, i tried rasing the bridge and tightening the strings even then the problem persists when i play chords...

    Only the second string is sounding bad. I tried replacing the string even then no use.

    Kindly suggest what i can do.

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    zee's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    swaraj i too had the same problem but mine is f cut guitar acoustic
    i think you better get the guitar exchanged to the dealer any one of the fret may be touching the string and if you increase the bridge it will be harder to play the guitar

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    May 2005
    opposite axeland :(
    most guitar shops also repair them u could ask them to 'fine tune' .
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