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    knapshots is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2007

    my guitars gain(ie pickup gain in my opinion) sucks,shud i buy/make a preamp

    i've got a not so decent guitar givson gs 1000, a decent fx processor zoom g2.1u and after yrs of trying to find faults in my technique have come to the conclusion that the gain coming from my guitar isnt quite enough as in when i pick fast or try to do trills and other fast stuff, absolutely nothing except something very feeble here and there.
    So , will changing pickups help (mines a hsh configuration) for real
    or do i use a preamp before plugging in the guitar into my processor, if so
    i don't see many options for buying a preamp and i am pretty scared of using homemade ones
    as i am afraid i will fry my processor

    Any suggestions please do let me know,

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    flood is offline IGT Addict
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    Jun 2009
    if you can wait for a bit, i'm planning to upgrade my ibanez RG. I'd sell you the stock INF pickupsat a very decent price. i'll have to confirm this after a week or so though.

    they aren't the best pickups in the world, but they'll knock whatever is in your givson silly for sure. some people actually like them, but i'Ve been playing suhr, gibson and seymour duncan of late. so i'm jaded.



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