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    I do use distortion but the notes are clearer in the AX100G. I feel, the notes are muffled comparitively in this AX1500G. I sat down and a lot with EQ and I was never convinced. Now I just set up a patch and using it without bothering about whether I like the sound or not. The Metronome is super sick in this. AX100G has a loud Metronome and a nice drum machine. I miss them pretty bad. One great thing, AX1500G has a 16 second phrase sampler, so I am able to record some 12 Blues Blues backing rhythm to solo over it. AX100G has only a 8 second sampler and that was bothering slightly. I wish AX1500G had a longer sampler like 24 seconds. That would have been great.

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    If u are thinking of selling it give me a ring . One of my friends is looking for one.


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