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    Exclamation which mic is ideal for home recording?

    hey guys....... i wanted to know... which is the best mic you can get in india within the budget of Rs.1000......
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    Hi Sukrut,

    to be honest, a budget of 1K for a mic is less if you want to do even a decent job of recording your vocals at home. But still for your information, you do get Philips and Panasonic microphones for about in the range of 600-900 bucks at music stores like planet m or landmark. However, these microphone are not meant for recording vocals.

    If you are looking to do a good job of recording vocals, try and invest at least in an SM-58. It is a dynamic mic made by Shure and is the industry standard mic when it comes to performing live. It can cost anywhere betweek 4-5K and is pretty easily available.

    Since condensor mics have a better response and are more suited for recording vocals, I have purchased a mic called the AT2020 by Audio-Technica. Got it from Singapore for about Rs. 6000. As you can see, it is pretty cheap and is any day better than my SM-58 for recording vocals.

    I suggest you go in for the SM-58 as of now and you wont regret. It is a terrific piece of equipment to own if you're a vocalist or if you record at home.

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    If you are looking for an instrument mic then go for the Shure's a no-brainer.
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    thanx guys.... any more advices??
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    Condenser microphones will require a phantom power ( generally 48 volts ) supply in most cases some low end models are battery powered though. If you plan to buy such a microphone, make sure that your pre-amp can power the microphone.

    Dynamic microphones do not require any such powering, hence are the choice for home recording. Shure SM-57/58 ( depending on vocal or instrument need ) are your best bet, but they are priced higher than the budget you quoted.

    If you are on a strict budget, check out the microphones at the Music stores/land mark or an electronics store, check out the sensitivity and frequency range specifications mentioned before u pick one.
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