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    luking fr a distortion pedal n wah pedal

    guys m lukin fr a distortion pedal n a wah pedal... Suggest sum gud ones for stage performance... Budget is arnd 5k, second hands r acceptd...

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    You can get only one for it ..maybe an AMT pedal..
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    You wont get a wah and a distortion for 5k not even second hand. My zoom 606 II Processor is for sale and fits your budget if u r intrested.
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    Actual Prices of EQP you are searching

    A BOSS DS1-[Rs 4k] or OD-1 Overdrive is the best distortion /overdrive pedal in the Market, used by Steve Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen and many other, The Vox WAH [Rs 12.5k] is the all time best in WAH Pedals ... But getting the sound like the gurus require you to drive both of these through a tube AMP [Rs 35k min] ....... If you are low on budget you need to go for modelling pedals like Korg Tone works, LIne 6 POD XT live, Zoom, Digitech RP etc who have emulated version of all these controls with expression pedals and a beat up second hand can come around 5-8 k.... but again it is not the real thing ....If you live in Mumbai you will get both these online via -- although nothing can go wrong with them in shipping, I suggest going over to them and picking it your self and play it using your own guitar to get the feel .... I heard a lot about the DS1 and would like it - buy I found the IBZ-Tube Screamer was a better sounding over drive pedal for my kind of playing. If you are going for a multi effect processor pedal, then the preference is order of superiority / Bang for your buck is Line 6 > Digitech > KORG > ZOOM ... purely from the quality of sound and emulation samples they include in the low end versions of pedals.


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    You try search for a second hand Digitech DF 7(which is a distortion pedal) or a dunlop cry baby(wah wah)....these are awsome pedals

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    hey Sam.. YOu check all the pedals here
    YOu can go for rocktron classic wah pedal which is for 3.5k and yes we dohave pedals like AMT, Rocktron, Sansamp digitech etc...
    A good distortion pedal will atleast cost you arnd 4.5k you can check it at our site
    Let me know if you have any further questions or write me at

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    boss ML-2 Metal Core Distortion pdal
    supposed to be the heaviest soundinng pedal i guess
    and i got mine for under 5000



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