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    Dec 2006
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    lukin fr a processor arnd 7-10k

    guys... m lukin frward to buy one guitar processor..... options at hand r...
    Digitech RP250
    Zoom ZFX3...
    gv ur reviewsn suggest sum more.... n if sumbdy is selling of his processor do contact me.... m planning to buy it sun....

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    thepacifist2013 is offline V.I.P Member
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    May 2008
    Im selling my Zoom 707II. The basic effects like distortions, wahs, overdrives, choruses and flangers are great! The synth sounds and all I've not used much.

    It's within your budget. PM me if interested.
    My gear, currently up for sale
    Washburn X-16 anarchy - SOLD!!
    Zoom 707II
    Digitech RP50.
    duncan pickups - I wonder why Im selling these.

  3. #3 is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2005
    zoom 707II is agood processor...wht price r u expecting...
    Well sam you can go for zoom g2.1u processor if u want to buy a new one...



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