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    ^ GTFO troll.

    The 2nd channel on a tube amp usually has a circuit to up the gain.

    Maybe flood is right about the 10" vs 12" bass difference. But on stage with a band I dunno how much sense it makes to eat into the bass territory, what with the "a frequency range for every instrument, and every instrument in it's frequency range" policy?
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    I don't have an audiologist's knowledge, but...I feel 'better bass' probably means that it reproduces the lower frequencies of a guitar better...and I don't think if a guitar can't do the same frequencies as those of a bass unless it's a 10 string or something (my ambition to play bass, rhythm and lead on a 6 string fell flat the day I realized this).

    ...or does stuff really 'eat into' frequencies?

    Quote Originally Posted by flood
    not trying to spam here... but as and when you do come to bombay on the search for a tube amp, drop by.
    Goes without saying!! xD

    Now comes the'll be quite a few months (maybe even a year) before I can actually buy it. Still saving for it. But that's good for research, and good for developing some technique (my touchstyle technique has miles to go) before I go get it made.

    Ciao folks, thanks for all the help, do post/PM if you know about some place willing to made quality head+cab cases.

    I want a strong molded plastic case, like this one here, but instead for carrying the 1x10 cab and head together. Maybe it can be two cases connected to each other, with a suitcase-like wheel system like shown in the picture, and the head case should be detachable so I can carry only the head if I want. Anything to enable me to carry it alone.

    (Ideas on this - I can try converting a suitcase of a suitable size, perhaps reinforcing and padding the shit out of it.
    I can even try making my own, amp cases don't seem AS hard as, say, acoustic guitar cases. Why not? Any links for helping me for this would be appreciated.)

    PS Wondering if I should make a new thread for audio samples when I finally buy it. *daydream*
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