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    BD2 is amazingly responsive. I haven;t evaluated the stock one really well. The one I have is Keeley Modified. I keep the Gain at almost Full and I still can get clean to semi clean to crunchy overdrive just by using my volume pedal. I dont use the volume knob because of some stupid reason. When I got my guitar done, I asked him to put the volume knob so far away that I made it inaccessible while playing. It has a tremendous response to picking attack too. Last week when I was jamming with my band, I was improvising over some riff and all of a sudden, I decided to pick very softly and my band mates thought I switched off the distortion. It was that clean when I picked soft and that too with the gain being full. The distortion is also hard enough to play Deep Purple, Rainbow, some Black Sabbath ,etc...
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    Hmmm, but then yours is not stock.
    It is a modded one.
    Besides taht pedal takes care of just one department.

    But nice suggestion. Keeley BD-2 for overdrive.
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