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    J & D Brothers.. anyone heard of it..?

    Well.. just met a heartbroken bassist who quit playing bass.. poor guy.. but among his basses I found a five string bass with brand name J & D Brothers.. sorry I couldn't picture it.. I haven't heard about this brand.. anyone..?

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    I have played few J&D guitars when i was in Calicut,Kerala. Its the Jack & Danny Brothers. Refer to the website for more info:
    JandD Guitars - Taiwan, China, manufacturer of guitars, mandolins, banjos, music accessories, music instrument

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    I have seen their guitars.
    Similar to GB&A (?) actually don't remember clearly since it was loooong time ago.
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    very large scale OEM manufacturer. J&D is just a brand name that grew strong with time, i have a strong suspicion that GB&A actually comes from the same production line. there are a few other "in-house" brands that they manufacture, can't recall names now.

    as for the guitars - typical chinese budget instruments on par with other lower end stuff. nothing special.
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