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    Importing a flamenco guitar from spain.. worried abt customs duty !!!

    Hey Guys,

    I am importing a Santos Hernandez 1927 Flamenco guitar worth 1200 Euros from Malaga, Spain. Already the shipping fee is quite high 390 Euros. Damned got no buddies from spain, who can hand carry it :(

    Now I am worried that customs would rip me off as well. I checked the Customs website, it talks abt 10% duty for string instruments + other fees (dunno wat the heck is this other fee). Does anyone have any experience of shipping guitars from abroad. How much does the customs actually charge ?

    Please let me know if you know any related info !


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    The custom will charge u approximately 35%. It would be better if you approach some shop like Furtados or musicians mall who can order it from there on ur behalf. This way u can avoid the headache.
    Also do some homework about the price else the shops might rip u off the money badly!!!

    1200 Euros for a Flemenco Guitar..Damn!!!!
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    I know that the shop is true. Its suggested by my guitar teacher. But damn 35% for customs is crazy. Its for my personal use and not anything commercial. Seriously man wt. !

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    It doesn't matter to the custom's official, if he's the type that's looking to make a profit from your purchase. If you have friends in some other country why not have it shipped there and then let the friend bring it with him. See if that works out cheaper.
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