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    ibanez vs epiphone

    Hi guys..i needed help in buying an electric guitar....
    i have a budget of about 20k for the guitar..
    i am up for ibanez rg350ex bk or an epiphone les paul but i am a person who also plays some soft old songs and not just give your opinions about these guitars and do sugest any better ones if possible....

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    if ur more into soft songs then i would suggest the epiphone
    ibanez is more of a metal guitar i guess
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    Epiphones are made by Gibson Now..
    The Les Pauls are really sweet and they sound awesome..
    i wouldnt suggest anyone to buy an ibanez
    in could check out some more models of the Explorer..
    they are really good...
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    ibanez sa260fm ... pretty versatile both for metal and old school songs



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