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    Dec 2009

    Question Ibanez RG series : which is better??

    hey guys, can you tell me which is better:

    Ibanez RGR 321EX or RG 370DX or RG 350EX

    (and maybe RG 321MH, but is that even sold anymore?)

    i love the rg 350ex but the tremolo is supposed to be crap! will it be good if i dont use the whammy bar?

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    Dec 2009
    my friend said he had an ibanez g20. what is that? i dont think there's a model like that, is there? or is it the short form of some other model

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    G_U_I_T_A_R is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2010
    dude it must b ibanez grx 20

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    Jul 2004
    There is no point in buying a tremolo bridge if you are not going to use it. I own the 321, and i can say its a great guitar. I think its out of production though. But you can still pick up the 321ex.
    "A signal chain is only as good as the weakest link."

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    guys he has already purchased 370dx.. no point discussing..

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    insatanity is offline Guitarist
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    Apr 2009
    If u already bought 370dx and don't need the tremolo, u can block it.



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