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    Ibanez GRG270dx help

    Hello all!
    I have thought of settling down for an Ibanez GRG270dx. I am getting a good deal for the same. 17,000 INR to be precise
    I need some help on the following:
    Jumbo frets V/S Medium frets
    3pc Wizard II neck
    And how drastic would the departure prove from an HSS combo I had in mind to an HSH?
    Would a brand new guitar pose tuning problems with the floyd rose?

    And of course, if you guys can come up with something which I SHOULD definitely look out for while checking out the guitar, please add that too!

    Thanks very much!
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    i am surprised no one has replied ya however i would say DONT go for GRG. They are not good and defenitely not worth 17k INR. check out other guitars like might get better quality for the same price.
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