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    Dec 2006

    Question I need ur suggestions plz plz

    I am inetrested in buying good electric guitar and my budget is around 15000. My knowledge about buying electric guitars is more or less nill.
    Many peole have suggested me to go in for fender guitar (((if u also think fender is the best 4 me then which one as there are many models))) but i would like to know ur special views and suggestions.I currently reside at Bangalore. So plz let me know which guitar to buy and where shall i get it.

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    Mar 2006
    first of all,u dont knw abt electric guitar or guitar and music? if u r very new to the field
    it is better to go for Acoustic Guitar(any brand).

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    Jul 2006
    What kind of music are you looking to play? Does your budget include expenditure for an amplifier or do you have more money to spend on that/already have an amplifier?
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    there is esp m50 guitar for 12k.
    but i can't tell you about the quality of that guitar because i have never played it.
    there is warlock for 13k i have played it and i did not liked it.
    fender squires are good. Go to a shop try out these guitars then if you have any doubts you can ask.check out
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    Oct 2006
    tell us more and we can help you out...what sort of guitar do you want? what music do you play? does that budget include an amp? does that budget include pedals?

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    New Delhi
    maybe a fat strat (a fender with two single coil pickups and one humbucker) though i doubt it'll fit in your budget unless you go for a squire.

    If you can get a squire with a humbucker(double coil) in the bridge position, it'll give you a lot of tonal versatility. if you cant afford the squire, try getting a similiar aria guitar
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