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    Oct 2006
    lol...i took the f**king cake...ate it....pooped it out...and then took it back in again...lmao...i know i wuz an idiot...big idiot...moron lol....
    Dude B.C Rich guitars arent THAT bad....played a BC Rich Bronze Warlock a week or 2 backk....and i must say that neck is pretty comfortable...hardware, pickups etc suck....but with 10k worth of mods it will be an amazing costs 14k now and add a 10k of mods...and u will have a guitar worth at least 30k....i donno...thats just my opinion

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    May 2006
    U mustve got a good one from the rotten mangoes !!
    I hated em the moment i took em in my hand, dunno why but the fretwork wasnt upto the mark, was uneven upto noticable point also was sharp on the edges and the action was the maximum it could go but still was about 3 cms high from the fingerboard & all that in the Showroom display was a 23k worth Son of the Beast(lol what shitty names) or sumthing !!

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    Oct 2006
    havent tried those...and yea their creativity sucks as*

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    Quote Originally Posted by laneymaney
    switzerland.....went there on a vacation with family...i played the following and my mom said buy and i said no for a crapbanez RG

    1.Yamaha RGX beauty...set neck
    2.Epiphone Elitist Studio
    3.Some cheaper priced with blue flame top i think
    4.Jackson RR3
    5.ESP-LTD F-500
    6.ESP Truckster (couldnt afford)
    7.Jackson DKMG
    8.Ibanez something Prestige

    lol...and did not buy n e because.....of some st00pid reasons stuck in my head cus i wanted the following specs because i thought they were the best

    HSH pup config
    Floyd Rose
    Bolt on - plz dont laff Uber n00b
    oh my god laney, you turned down a DKMG/ESP/Elitist??anyway, i understand....wanna hate urself for being a noob then, right? but then, on the brighter side , you wont repeat it again!!!!!take ur family out for vacation again!!!!!!!!


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