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    The Home Studio Musician (A group to help and share people who record at home)

    Guys, I am an avid home studio recording guy, I do my recordings at home with my small setup and I face quiet a lot of questions and issues and I would like to get the answers, similarly i am sure you too face the same issues....hence i created a forum (The Home Studio Musician) where we can exclusively discuss, help and solve issues related to audio recordings at home, I would like people to write articles on their experience, and on how they feel studio quality recording can be achieved at a home studio......It is a very vast topic, and i will do my bit to contribute and would expect the same from others........Hope this forum helps...... PLEASE JOIN IN

    Link to the Group ---- Log In | Facebook
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    OMG not facebook ...
    *runs helter skelter*
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    Good... I too wanted such a group. Thanks... I am joining it...
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    How about starting a small section / sub-category here and making you guys the mod, so that you can contribute and we can spread the word and get more people to chip in ?

    Arya - Lemme know if you are game.




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