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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by bobbit_uncut
    i have Toneworks AX 100

    am not rich enuff to buy fancy stuff

    even I have the KORG AX100G ...

    lemme check those cabinet simualtors ...

    however i never felt the need for it ...

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    Whtever dude .. u need a minimal sound blaster card ... ONboard stuffs can never do !!!! u can get a descent 1 for 1 k ...
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    Hey AX100G is pretty nice. Either you dont know how to use it or your processor is kappoot. SOunds way better than the Zoom 505 or 606.
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    Oct 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by bobbit_uncut
    i have Toneworks AX 100

    am not rich enuff to buy fancy stuff

    Dude Ax100g is decent(my first processor). atleast for softer stuff. if u wanna play metal and heavier stuff then dont expect anything great to come out of it. Anyways tweak the thing, like someone else said EXPERIMENT and you might get a decent tone.

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    Jun 2004
    i want multi track recording software. could someone please pm me the link.. ive been hunting around and i still havent found it. preferably cakewalks home studio. any other will doo too at the moment. thanx!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chintan9
    By the way the best recording software out there is GARAGE BAND which is available only for Mac users. It has more features and is super user friendly.
    Yeah. Garageband kicks ass. The effects that it has are great. And its easy as hell to record.
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    I too get lot of hisses mostly while performing tapping techniques. I think its more like the feedback. I put my amps too close and play (i got a small room :-)). Volume also helps in controlling them.
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    Very informative thread

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    A lot of it is dependent on the sound card too - Audigy is a good one and pretty cheap too. Do you get the same hiss if you mic up your amp too? If not, then it might be a faulty line-in, dust in the input or just a bad cable - have a go at it with multple options. It's not about the software!

    I don't do any pro recordings - my only audience is a 2 year old - but have done a lot in the past - but then again, I use a Mac.
    Ibanez S540LTD, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Ovation SS, Digitech GNX4


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