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    nandumenon is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2006

    Question Hobner f cut. Furtado's in Mumbai at Metro for 3200, anything better ?

    Planning to take up guitar lessons. Have been suggested to buy a Hobner f cut. Furtado's in Mumbai at Metro quotes at 3200/- Know where I can get at a better price in Mumbai? Also looking for a Tutor at my residence in Goregaon Mumbai. Help anyone?

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    cronix's Avatar
    cronix is offline Tabber
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    Mar 2006
    its available for 2500 in ahmedabad
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    musicmaker23 is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2006
    try to get a better Sardar Flutes, Dadar TT Highway opp Chitra theatre.. he gives a free bag and couple of picks and a string set.. try to contact him before going there.. but, i've lost his number so can't help you there

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    fictional_real's Avatar
    fictional_real is offline Pyaasi Jawani
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    Oct 2004
    I have heard Hobner have now lost their virtue and aint making any better guitars now.
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    May 2006
    ^^^ Virtue :O, did they even have any ?

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    sauravbhala is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2009

    Smile Hello to all my fellow Rockstars

    Hi I am Saurav and have just started to learn playing Gutiar a long due hobby and am in the look for Buying a Acoustic Guitar. I stay in Mumbai.

    Any suggection from the freinds is welcome.


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    thepacifist2013 is offline V.I.P Member
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    May 2008
    It's great that you have started learning the guitar. We wish you all the best. I'd recommend you (a new member) to kindly use the search functionality. The question you have put up is broad-ended and has been discussed in umpteen threads. Please go through them. If you have any specific question, and are not able to search a thread on that, post a new one.

    @nandumenon - You might also have a look at other F-cut guitars also. Your music teacher has definitely recommended you a good guitar, but I'd suggest you to have ago at others also. Buy one which YOU like best.
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    tenali is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2008
    Check out Haribhau VIshwanath.. I got it for 2700 5 months back with a bag, two picks and strings for e and B ... I always find it better priced than Furtados

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    gaurav16 is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2011

    Cool Hello

    Hello friendz.....



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