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    Feb 2008

    Hey gimme some advice in buying an acoustic!

    Hey sup IGT members,
    Im planning to buy an acoustic in bangalore for about 2500 Rs. Ive had a electric guitar (Givson Blue Diamond) for a long time but ive not been practicing that hard. I really want to start playing, so though ill visit Reynolds today evening.
    I don't know many brands but ive looked at some of the other threads and my choices are Pluto, Granada. They will fit my budget i guess. Can you help me with other brands for my range like Yamaha?
    And are the Reynolds guys good or they charge extra??


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    Feb 2008

    Unhappy Bump

    Please Reply!!!

    Ok. I have decided against Reynolds.
    So where to go Rhythm residency road or Aruna basavangudi ???

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    Feb 2008
    **** u guys never replied! Anyway i bought a F-Cut gb&a on Residency road for 3k.

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    ^^GB&A is a pretty upcoming brand wid good guitars and sweet tone.....though u mite wanna check out if da bass stings are nt too buzzy...............


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