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    Question help to plug in mp3 player to jam on ampli

    i got a line6 spiderIII with an option to plug in your cd player/mp3 and jam to tracks. I want to use it but gotta plug in a microphone jack for it to work. that should be coming from an audio output jack. the wiring is kinda skewed: i got the left and right channel speaker cables along with their ground and there is only two wires- red and blue-on the mic jack. 4 vs. 2??? please help me figure this out.......
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    I dint get wt u said abt cable... But the way i did it... Went to an electrical shop n got a cable n got two 1/8 inch pins on both the ends... One end goes into the output jack of my mp3 player n the other into the amp. If your mp3 player has got a different kinda output try getting the pins on one end accordingly.
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