hey I guess you must have come across such a kind of query very often but i still i am posting it here.

Even i am planning on buying an acoustic guitar so i have a few queries as well.

I am a total rookie right now and i intend to buy a guitar in about 1 or 2 weeks time.
My budget right now is a mere Rs 3-3.5k so i need suggestions regarding which brand to purchase.

One of my friend who's learning da guitar suggested me a Hobner guitar. But currently after doing some research work on the net and going through threads & posts here i am considering buying da following guitar-

Brand: Granada
Specs: Medium (39) Guitar, PRS-1 in Vintage Sunburst colour.
Location: Furtados at Metro, Mumbai
Price: Rs 2575(according to da price list posted by Vinay) and Rs 2775 according to

What do u guys think of this guitar for a complete beginner?? Any other suggestions are also welcome. Plz help me buy a good VFM guitar in my budget.
Btw is the Furtados at Metro the main showroom?? I mean, there are other branches of Furtados as well but is this the main one to buy from??