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    mpmdavid is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2008

    Help me please regarding choosing the guitar effects pedal

    Hi guys , i have a J&D electric guitar, with dimarzio pick ups, and a 20w marshall amp , im looking for a smooth overdrive pedal which gives good tone for blues rhythm and lead , i already own a boss ds-1 now i am in a fix to choose between boss bd-2,sd-1,od-3 ... can some one suggest me which one would satisfy my requirements ? , also i want to know if i buy any of the pedal i have mentioned above can it also be used to couple with the boss ds-1 that i already own ? will it give a good sound ? plz give your suggestions and comments

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    sanjivdas's Avatar
    sanjivdas is offline Tabber
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    Mar 2005
    I couple my Ibanez tube screamer TS7 to my DS1. That way I get two different types of overdrive from each of them, and a cool lead tone from both switched on. All this without tweaking the controls. The TS7 has this hot button too which can also give you the screaming tone coupled with the DS1. I do not feel the need for a metal effect.

    I finished making my tube amp, so I might sell my TS7 if I get Rs. 2500.
    Fender Stratocaster
    Ibanez GSR390 Bass guitar (might sell if i get a price)
    Laney RB30 Bass amp (might sell if i get a price)
    Bunch of Boss pedals

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    flood is offline IGT Addict
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    Jun 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by sanjivdas View Post
    I finished making my tube amp, so I might sell my TS7 if I get Rs. 2500.
    NICE! congrats! which amp?

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    raddy is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2009
    my suggestion ??? get a better amp -.- !!

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    zamanakhan is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2008
    i would suggest getting a low watt tube amp, over driving should be done only with tubes. Nothing beats sweet tube overdriven tone. But not everyone wants to or can get a tube amp in which case get the ibanez tube screamer, great pedal for a sweet tone.



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