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    Question Help me to buy new strings around Rs. 2000

    I have Yamaha F210 & wanna upgrade to better strings. I'm using stock ones right now.tell me names of good makers in this budget. Also will these strings really make difference in sound quality. Pro's reply quickly please.

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    help me understand this.... you want to spend 2k on strings for a 6k guitar?

    i am not an economics major, but i don't think that'll work.

    if you're desperate to buy expensive strings, you could buy elixirs. about 1k for a set. the sound will be a lot better than budgets strings, but not fantastic because, well, a 6k guitar is a 6k guitar. otherwise, the most common imported strings are d'addarios. they're very ok, definitely not great but a LOT better than karuna and those cheapo chinese brands. about Rs. 300 a set. should help your sound a lot.

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    2 k for strings! i dont think there is such a vast difference in the sound man betwen the normal and the sepcial 2 k worth strings.



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