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    help :advice needed for buying an electric..

    ok so im a rhythm guitarist(acoustic) been playing for a planning to get an electric soon i dont mind if its second hand but its gotta sound basically into nu metal so i wanna get a good guitar n amp and can anyone advise me what to get n why? n ya im on a budget so gotta keep that in mind too...btw i live in kolkata so any recommendations to buy from some shops will also help...
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    You can try searching this selfsame forum for like hundreds of similiar posts and in-depth discussions.
    Budget please?

    Cheapest 'good' guitars - Yamaha Pacifica 112, Ibanez GRG/RGR/RG series, Greg Bennett Avion AV3/6/Torino TR3. All I can recall at the moment in the range of 10k-25k.
    For amps, Roland Cube series are often recommended in this range, or any cheap Stranger if using a processor.
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