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    Jul 2008

    HELP| Buying guitar from ebay US

    (I have carried a new guitar to india w/o paying duties before, i've heard rumours like 35% duty, I dont have anyone to carry it from US to india by hand)

    Have anyone here bought a guitar from ebay US to india ?
    What were the customs charges/w.e charges other than shipping that you had to pay?
    Can i get warranty here in india for that guitar?

    Do you have somemore time? If 'yes' please clear my doubts below
    (you can skip the essay below and read the last line if u r short of time)
    About me:
    Guitar newbie, playing irregularily since 2 years, fingers are too weak to play an acoustic properly.
    Plays guitar for my own inner satisfaction.
    Never plays in public
    Music likes: 50% Neo-classical, 25% vintage rock, 20% metal, 5% classical.
    Always struggling with fast riffs (this didnt happen when i played an S prestige)
    Loves Extremely low action (1.5mm of my grg170 was good enuf, but not now)

    Recently i happened to visit the guitar shop where i bought my grg170 from and came across a few top end ibanez series of sa,s and pgm and a non prestige rg (rg370)
    and i loved the s1520 prestige (not that sure about the model no:, it was a 2007 model 22 fret japan guitar), it had super low action like 0.3mm :O(12th fret ofc) (till then i thought the minimum action was like .8 or so) and lightweight and extremely slim (suits a skinny guy like me very well) and the tone was killing! and the best thing- i could play it like nothing is there to stop me . and now after coming to india i just found out that ibanez has a 24fret prestige model of the s (S5470) and was planning to buy it, but couldnt find it ANYWHERE in india. So i came across this in ebay | ?hash=item2a05afff4e| selling for 1350$ incl shipping which i found to be a very good deal, but worried about importing woes. Meanwhile a guy offered me a new RG1570 from chennai, and he's swearing that RG prestige is better than S prestige (didnt say in which way, i guess its still fatter and heavier than the S5470).

    So, long story short, is the RG1570 he offered capable of low action like the 0.3mm on the 'S5470'. Kindly do inform if u find any S5470 anywhere in india.

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    insatanity is offline Guitarist
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    Apr 2009
    If u can't find anybody to carry it then u gotta pay the duty which comes to around 29%. You can purchase guitars from Check with Musicians Mall or S. B. Music if they can get it for u.

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    Buying anything of ebay is risky. Shipping guitars/amps to India from abroad is very very risky.

    Customs will be around 25-30% of the "declared" price on your package. Even if you get it declared as a gift - the customs will charge you if they feel that the cost of the guitar (actual value) is more than 10k.

    I have bought an amp off ebay - and I paid around 20% of the price in customs. But then again - your experience with customs will depend entirely on the specific customs officer you deal with.

    Regarding warranty - I dont think a warranty would make sense to you - even if the guitar is under warranty - you will have to pay shipping to US and back to get it repaired - which in itself would be more expensive than getting it repaired from the best guitar tech in India.

    Gear GASsing in India is tough :(
    Music Has the Right to Children



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