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    Smile guys need help...... how 2 get a guitar 2 india

    guys i'm going 4 a trip 2 australia....... am planning on buying an electric 4m there...... wat wud u suggest????? which guitars??????
    n wat abt the customs?????? its 4 personal use.......
    n i think i shud carry it in a hard case...... right????
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    I got some damn good friends in Australlia. The owner is Shane. His become a good friend over the year. So if you need a guitar id definately go there. He was the 2005 ESP dealer of the year. And 2006 Best Australlian Dealer!

    Customs wont be a problem. You can walk thru like you own the place with the guitar strapped to ur back i guess!

    If your bringing it, a hard case isnt necessary!

    Whats ur budget?>



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