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    Quote Originally Posted by timarp000 View Post
    will the Quilt Maple Veneer make a difference in tone.And the QM on the ec 100 isnt that great(In My opinion). im ok with the ec 50 if it sound the same as the c100qm
    Quote Originally Posted by alpha1 View Post
    Its cosmetic.
    Unless you really buy the story of slices of wood affecting the tone.

    Wow, the F series looks great!
    I had already answered.
    Quote Originally Posted by guitarplayer729 View Post
    The Quilt Maple offers much more attractive guitar models, nothing else.
    Case closed.
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    Yeah a fixed bridge is the way to go on this budget. Try out the guitar thoroughly, just make sure the hardware on the guitar is decent and the amp you play through is also an important part of your tone. 18-20k is a decent budget, buying second hand is also a nice option and you get a better instrument at a lower price.
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    I bought the EC 50 (Red) and im very happy with it


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