Hey guys post the 5 guitars u would kill to own.

here are mine.

1> PRS private Stock Archtop hollybody guitar
(est cost $8000-$15000) based on my specs.
ultimate chic magnet!!! how i would like to have one.. plastic wrap it..
and never play it.. and keep caressing it now and then

2> Les paul Custom Joe Perry Signature

3> peter Frampton les paul with 3 pickups

4> jeff beck signature strat
smoothest guitar i ever played. makes me wanna learn lead .. even though i am a les paul guy.

5>Parker Fly Deluxe
another cool metro***ual chic magnet.. but its a guitar for all seasons.

P.S. I dont have variax in the list.. cause i am gonna buy it this summer.. and i dont wanna kill anyone this year