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    ustdjohnny is offline Beginner
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    Jan 2005

    Guitar pedals for sale in Bombay

    Line 6 DL-4,
    Vox Satchurator,
    Whirlwind A/B box,
    Xotic BBplus,
    DigiTech X-Series Synth Wah Envelope Filter,
    Line 6 Verbzilla

    I don't know if any of these are available in India except the Satchurator which is available in Bombay, so have no clue about what price. If you buy all of them I will throw in a 1-Spot adapter for free.

    All pedals in prime working condition.

    Anyone interested please contact me at s u m i t. s i x s t r i n g@ g m a i l. c o m


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    shailm is offline Beginner
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    Jun 2010
    how much for the dl4?



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