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    Quote Originally Posted by petermasc
    dude 1st thing the servant. 2nd is only a givson.....once u start playing other guitars (even Hobmer/hobner) u will realise that the givson is a piece of shit.i felt the same way when i just got my givson........till i played some other guitars:buy a new guitar.......... a better one.

    he says its his first guitar

    And some people tend to have emotional attachment towards their first guitar
    "A signal chain is only as good as the weakest link."

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    c guys i'l b buyin a new guitar soon but the thing is ki its my 1st guitar n i want 2 restore it 2 its original form even though i mite not play it... but i hav 2 get it fixed... chalo i'll tak it 2 d shop n let u guys kno wat happ... n soory guys 4 callin him stupid i was really angry at that pt of time.... i'll post pics soon.... hav logged on after a couple of days...
    Everyone has a photographic memory.
    Some, like me, just donít have any film.


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