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    Apr 2006
    First of all what do u want to buy an Acoustic or an Electric?

    If u want an acoustic go for evergreen SIGNATURE guitar. It has good acoustics and a superb fret board.Costs around 2.5k to 3 k.

    If u r going for an electric guitar, U better increase ur budget. Coz buying a local made electric guitar is not worth the price. If u can afford a GB&A which is pretty good( around 8.5k ). I own a J&D which is worth the price ( around 10.5k ).
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    Mar 2006
    we r talkin abt ACOUSTICS.
    n no one said nething abt buying a givson. the guy said that he owns a givson n now he is planning to buy another guitar. which one is better out of gb&a n signature?
    i have one thing more that i wanted to ask. none of u replied...if i buy a yamaha, wil a get some proof that its original???
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    Apr 2006
    Hey pikrohit,

    Thanks for clearing me.

    As far as it comes to acoustic guitars, SIGNATURE is the best buy.
    However the acoustics of GB&A are good, but the fretboard sucks!.

    My opinion is go for a SIGNATURE.

    It rulz........
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    Oct 2005
    Hai-der-abad (sucks as hell)
    I love the GB&A tone...Im not particularly impressed with their other features esp the fretboard and neck.

    never played a Signature before though.
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    Jul 2004
    I used to own a Signature had a nice sound but the neck was of typically ordinary finishing...since you want an upgrade and are willing to invest, I'd say try the Pluto...I played one briefly and was impressed for what it offers at around 3.3K(this is the basic model without EQ, tuner etc)...and then there is GB&A...go to the shop and try a few what suits you

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    Apr 2006
    i took grason guitar..
    its acoustic-electric. & its quite cheap. its for justRs 2500. but its really good, believe me!

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    Jun 2004
    If u aint trying Pluto(coz nobody has an idea for it) then GO FOR A GB&A no other choice,.... believe me, all other (signature,hobner) s**ks big time in front of it...they have this model in gloss black with excellent tone and fretboard for around 5-5.5k , take that yamaha, for good works, u'll have to increase ur budget and still comparing, i wud happily go for a gb&a than a medium level yamaha...
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    Aug 2004
    I bought 4 Plutos in the last 2 months for my friends and it really rawks.. Somebody here has an idea about Pluto Acoustics
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    Dec 2004
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    Quote Originally Posted by pikrohit
    how much wil a yamaha acoustic cost in india?? n do they give some kind of authentication? (im worried abt the guitar being an original yamaha) i have a budget of 7-8k. also....where can i get a better deal...kolkata or mumbai????
    My suggestion would be to get a lower-end Ovation or the Takamine owned Jasmine - they fit in your budget - try to ask someone to bring it from the US. FYI, I sold an almost new Ovation Applause with an awesome gig-bag for Rs. 7500 last October....
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    Nov 2008
    bleedingfingers, i have a pluto myself and it's a good one... you can go for gb & a. i saw one by gb & a made of mahogany wood... the sound was fits your budget and saves you some of it...

    chi, i'll recomend you a hofner [not a hobner but an original hofner, made in germany]. it fits your budget...

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    Dec 2005
    ^ You think ppl are gonna wait 2 years for your precious advice?
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    neetika is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2008
    i am looking for a signature F cut jumbo guitar.
    where can i get this in delhi. i have tried new bharat music house and bhatia musicals. none of them have it. please suggest.


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