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Thread: guitar cleaning

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    Question guitar cleaning

    i was just wandering how to clean up the guitar i generally do it with a completely dry soft cloth i happened when i kept my guitar for one month idle as i was out of the place.
    on one of the website i found that the guitar can be cleaned using lemon oil i never figured out what is that lemon oil as it contains a lot of water and citric acid will spoil body and rust the string. Hmmmmmm....
    if you are having any comments on it please reply.

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    about lemon juice

    hmm.....dunno mate
    but if you do try it...then lemme know wat happens lol.....

    actually just use a soft dry cloth............thats the best way....
    iim here wat were ure udder 2 wishes??

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    the best way is when u r changing the strings

    use chamoish leather and guitar wax

    first clean it with a soft cloth soaked in water and the water is squeezed out

    then use guitar wax and the cloth

    u can also wipe the strings with a dry cloth
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    i found that the guitar can be cleaned using lemon oil i never figured out what is that lemon oil as it contains a lot of water and citric acid will spoil body and rust the string.

    I dont think it will hurt the strings in anyway looking at the constituents of the oil, however have no clue about any loss of tone or other acoustic impairments if any by applying it, lemon oil is primarily used to clean the fretboard.

    Dude, its lemon oil and not lemonade :D ( pun intended check constituents of lemon oil)

    google threw up the following snippets of info about lemon oil.

    *The natural cleaning properties of pure lemon oil, blended with the finest preserving oils, will enhance the luster of fine wood furniture, galley cabinets, bulkhead , etc.


    * Volatile oil (about 2.5% of the peel), limonene (up to 70%), alpha-terpinene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, citral

    A word of caution:
    wiki says that "Limonene works as paint stripper when applied to painted wood".

    use judiciously !!

    In a nut shell use it on the fretboard but not on the painted surfaces like headstock, belly and back of neck if its a painted finish.

    expert comments welcome !!
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    well its not lime juice.....i got a bottle of lemon oil from dunlop fr my guitar...costs 200 bux. It smells of alchohol + lemon. DO NOT USE IT ON THE PAINT OF THE GUITAR....ur supposed to use it as a fret conditioner. If u use it on the paint it WILL CORODE sooner or hydrates the fretboard and u can play much better trust me....

    As for cleaning the body...just take a fiber cloth...the thing that u use for glasses..just rub ur guitar with that and it will be fine....dont go and wash it and stuff....

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    Who needs a cleaner for guitar?

    You just need to wipe the dust/grime off teh body with a cloth.

    For cleaning teh fretboard (as well as neck) - well thats a different story.
    Your sweat + oil + dead skin cells all adhere to the fretboard making it gunky.
    That needs to be cleaned off using oil based cleaner.

    LOL, as rightly put by some ppl here - Lemon Oil is OIL not Lemon juice or Lemonade!
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