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    Cool guitar`s chord combinations

    hi to all this thread is specially for guitar beginners, im posting some relative minor`s combination, try to play them in different strumming patterns i know u all gonna love it. and they will improve ur skills also....

    1. combination "A"
    A ---> F#m --->D---> E
    2. combination "B"
    B---> G#m ---> E ---> F#
    3. combination "C"
    C--->Am ---> F--->G
    4. combination "D"
    5. combination "E"
    E--->C#m --->A---> B
    6. combination "F"
    7. combination "G"
    G--->Em --->C--->D


    plzz replyy

    buh byeee
    good luck wid ur guitaar
    1.always be ready to face new things, coz life can turn on to u anytime!!
    2.the people who give up and says that life is turning off to them r loosers, coz it is just the test by life to check ur ability for forthcoming joys.. and u know what, u got
    FU(kED IN THIS TEST.....

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    hey ... good ones .. could you please tell some good strumming patterns if possible and also help on how to strum for different songs or somethin of that sort ...
    reaalyy need it ... i now barred and other chords but have a problem with strummin patterns .... please help ..



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