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    Greg Bennett Avion Series...

    Ohk, well, any reviews on these series of guitars, especially the AV1 and AV3 models?

    Oh, and on thier website, there is no AV1, strange... although I know that the AV1 is like a stripped down AV2, with only a single volume & tone pot...

    So, questions:
    1) Long-term users, if any, please respond...
    2) Basic users, please respond...

    I do know bout the Harmony Central and yadda-yadda site's reviews...
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    though i am not a long term user but,
    when i played a greg bennet the thing that surprised me was its low cost and a very good sustain...not clear about tone though since while usong processors its always the processors tone...
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    Cort X6 with Peavy Vypyr 15
    Good godly combo but play first so it suits your genre
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