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    maxweldlo is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2007

    Arrow Granada Jumbo or Pluto Jumbo

    Granada Natural Dreadnought Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Rs.3,800 or Pluto Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Rs.3,500 ???which one is the best????

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    angel_of_sin's Avatar
    angel_of_sin is offline bassist.....
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    Jun 2006
    New Delhi
    Go for the granada jumbo................though i would prefer A gb&a over both of the companies.............................


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    ambush's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    I've played the pluto jumbo and i mucht say that it seriosly rocked, i'd have to say it is better than Gb&a, i dont know about the granada
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    felix.ragav is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2007
    Pluto Rox! so does Granada............i prefer pluto though ...........
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