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    Question gotta buy a new guitar - some queries

    hey guys..

    i wud b buying my first guitar... m a complete raw beginner & wud go for some budget acoustic guitar... from whateva gyaan available on net, seems like below shud b a decent buy -

    1) Yamaha F-310
    2) Alvarez RD8
    3) Takamine G240

    -> I've kindof fixed up on Yamaha F-310.. if u guys cud plz suggest if this shud be ok... or is thr any better model within the same price range

    -> m put up in mumbai... whr wud i b able to get the suggested piece & approx price for the same (my budget - approx. 5-6k)

    -> also want to check out in advance the learning options - is it necessary to learn from a guru or is thr some ready data available frm whr one can start picking up things... references to such data plss. plss. pass on

    read a lot bout seagull s6... but cudnt find it at any of the indian retailers site or literatures... is it tht its not available in india & is neither imported & kept for sale here...

    pls. pls do mention the store whr i can pick up the suggested model from & approx pricing... thanks a lot


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    I dont think takamines are available here and even if it is, it will be priced double that of the international price.
    Ymahas are good.
    ideally youll need someone with experience to pick out the best piece.
    But if you are going to go it alone, i suggest you do some research here elsewhere.

    The thing you can look for is action and the neck relief.
    "A signal chain is only as good as the weakest link."

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    da yahamas are good .....but u bttr take sum1 experienced wid u coz every guitar speaks for itself!!!!!!!!!


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