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    Quote Originally Posted by ambush View Post
    I thought BM had cab emulation.
    2 separate outputs.

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    Another cheap n effective option to consider: <Guitar> to <Boss MT-2 Metal Zone> to <Beta Aivin Digital Delay> to <SS Amp> = 4500+2000+?
    This gives a pretty clear n cutting tone as opposed to a Zoom/processor of same value. If you into soft rock/classic rock n blues, get Boss DS-1 Distortion instead of the Metal Zone.
    I have tried this on a MG-Series 100W amp, which has a not too great clean/dirty tone. It sounds a lot clearer and less muffled than a Zoom G2.1u that another guitarist uses though the line-in of the amp. The important thing is the amp needs to have a 10" to 12" speaker to sound mid-heavy and thick at band practice sound levels.

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    if you dont have a good amp..dont get analog pedals..Stick to digital effect pedals.I would recommend you get something like a zoom g2.1u .This way,you can learn about the different effects in general and you can experiment a lot with them .Its also got a Drum machine which is extremely useful to improve your timing in general and an usb port ,so you can connect it to your computer and record.The tone you get may not be the best, but you get what you pay for.
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    whats the cost of Zoom g2.1u??


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