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    paonta sahib

    good guitar shops in delhi???yamaha or GB&A

    guys pls tell me which is better..acoustic GB&A or yamaha in a budget around 6000 bucks. also plzz refer me a good shop in delhi where i could find one!!!!!! thanxx in advance

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    Gwalior -> Pune
    Bhargav Shop - Darya Ganj is a good shop u can find guitars of all the ranges..... or Biba & Sunny few more are thr but i'll prefer Bhargav.... dont know the xact address but these all shops are in a row in Datya Ganj

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    Mar 2008

    guitar shops to be avoided

    no matter which ever guitar you buy...but if you happen to live in delhi then you must have heard the name of this shop " Bharat Music House", the one in lajpat nagar....dont buy any gear from those a**holes....though on the day of making the purchase they will be very sweet to you but their after sales behavour sucks to the core...they behave as if they are doing some sort of charity...they are rude and illmannered once you have made the purchase...m crying till date why i made the purchase from that shop...rather i should have tried the "ON-STAGE" shop....i would have been 100 times happier....God save those who will make purchase from that shop...
    you can also try bhargawa's in daryaganj....they are cool as well...



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