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Wattage does not equal volume. Volume comes from the speakers. 100W powering a tiny 10" will be less loud as compared to 50W powering a 4x12.

Strangers don't really have a good frequency response for the guitar. There are certain characteristics of a guitar amplifier like the frequency cutoffs and a mid hump in some. I guess the Stranger amps don't do that the same way a Marshall or a Laney would.

If your venue is being miced then it wouldn't matter much if you had a 30W or a 50W. Again the volume difference depends on the nature and number of speakers being driven and not the power rating of the amplifier. The standard 30W amps can generally be heard over drums while you jam. A half stack is really overkill unless you gig a lot of venues unmiced.

Tube amps are expensive because their tubes are not manufactured by too many companies any more. Getting a tube amp is what most guitarists would consider the best investment but it is one that requires money and diligence.
The speaker-volume relation is new to me...thanks...but then, what does watt count for, then? I was always under the myth that more watts=more volume...

I dunno bout venues...just figure - Our last gig, we went to IIPM Chattarpur, they had a few Marshall MG100DFXs...I played rhythm (The Trooper by Iron Maiden) and had a really heavy full-gain tone, which had sounded perfect in the practice sessions, same guitar same processor just the amp was the MG10CD...in the gig, it sounded so fricking muddy...you couldnt even have made out the strumming...I fiddled around with it frantically, turned down the EQ, changed channel to clean, etc etc etc...no change, and there was a time limit on...ugh.

@Alexi_Laiho-Hey yeah, that one looks good...except for the effects...I know, I could simply turn em off...but that'd be wasteful expenditure...