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    Myth_Pharoah is offline Guitarist
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    May 2004
    Hey GP dude, can you get Gotoh Tremolo Floyd Rose bridges, Gotoh nuts, emg 85/60/81 pickups, and a guitar neck? Just the neck with a truss rod. I'm trying to build a guitar. Get me prices on these.

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    6String_assasin's Avatar
    6String_assasin is offline The Painkiller
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    Apr 2004
    the price for ibanez ep7 euphoria steve vai's signature model? n ne other details not available at ibanez's website...
    n also ne1 can tell me where in mumbai will ' nanubhai desai road, kanji mansion' be?
    Rock'n'Roll isn't just a fashion statement, its a way of life...

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    Sep 2003
    He he.... The Ep7 or Jem 7 starting prices are over 1000$$$.. I have played one.. Tehre is this guy called Naveen Thomas who has this.. amazing guitarist and he deserves this guitar..
    The Lord Giveth, And The Lord Taketh Away!!!


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