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    Lightbulb Gibson (not Epiphone) Les Paul Junior Green Day Signature Guitar for sale


    I have a Bille Joel Armstrong Signature Gibson Les Paul Junior lying unused at home for sale. I've strummed it for a few months and that's about it. I figure a change of strings is in order if you want to use it. Original Gibson with the spotted leopard furry hard case with the Green Day logo included.

    Reason for sale: I dont live in India for some time now & my style has changed more to classical guitar flamenco & acoustic folk finger picking.

    For those who might be interested, there is also a Digitech RP50 without the DC adaptor that I could get rid off! Heck Ill throw it in free if you are serious about the purchase.

    Willing to consider price quotes from serious buyers in Mumbai only. Welcome to come & check it out but bring an amp along & inform in advance so I can arrange for someone to be at home.

    The new guitar retails for over 1300 USD from what I see online, but willing to offer her a home for cheaper for interested players.

    THE GUITAR: Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior

    (Pics attached)
    Gear (in order of acquisition):
    Faith Naked Venus Acoustic Electric
    Yamaha C70 Classical
    Gibson Billie Joel Armstrong Signature Series Les Paul Jr.
    Blue Yeti
    Pluto Acoustic Electric
    Digitech RP50
    Stranger Cube 20

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    ghaziabad / near new delhi
    man you rock but i dont live in mumbai otherwise i would have just made it



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